Glyfada Beach-Naxos Island Greece-Location

Best area to stay, Glyfada Beach resort is located on Naxos Island Greece.

Naxos is pleasant destination for each visitor that loves nature,  as combines mountain and sea. One of the best area to stay is here at Glyfada beach. Both the visitors who seek moments of relaxation and calm and lovers of adventure and action will be speaking for  the picturesque villages and the adorable beaches  forming a lace length of the island. Many of these are well organized for those who prefer the secular beaches and other of exotic beauty which apply effectively the dream of  “blue Lake”.

At the heart of Cyclades lies the biggest and the most beautiful island of the block, Naxos. The island of Dionysus and Ariadne with its imposing sight the Portara captures immediately each visitor who loves history, making promises for tours full of archaeological interest.

Naxos, as guardian of tradition, has to demonstrate traditions and practices which they revive during the summer months means by events, festivals and local fairgrounds which take place in the capital of the island and in several villages

The geographical position of the island and its temperate climate  have provided it with a rich agriculture and livestock which is inextricably linked to high-quality gastronomy and with the popular local products (potatoes, naxian cheeses, olive oil, local liqueurs, raki)  which deserves to enjoy each visitor.